Personal Insurance

Protect Yourself and Your Assets with a Personal Insurance Package Right for Your Lifestyle

Your personal insurance strategy should examine your unique needs to determine appropriate liability limits and deductibles. We get quotes from all the top-rated carriers to find the one that offers you the greatest protection at the lowest cost for:

   » Home Insurance
   » Auto Insurance
   » Life Insurance
   » Health Insurance

   » Disability Insurance
   » Umbrella Insurance
   » ALL lines of personal insurance

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Why Choose Spectrum Insurance?

Find the coverage and deductible right for you.
Don't let insurance terms intimidate you. We take the time to explain them and make recommendations that fit your personal situation. We'll do our best to make sure you're fully protected.

Get a fair price.
We do the research for you. We get quotes from all the top-rated insurance carriers to find the one that offers you the greatest protection at the lowest cost. Don't pay more for insurance than you have to. We take time to compare your current insurance rates with comparable coverage.

We're there when you need us.
We file your claim for you with the insurance company. You simply contact Spectrum Insurance with the details, and we take care of the rest. From the time you report your loss to its resolution, we take the time to listen and walk you through the claims process. We follow up to make sure your claim is settled fairly and accurately. It's our personal attention, speed, and accuracy that sets us apart from other insurance agencies.

Benefits of Choosing an

Insurance Agent

Our insurance agents:
   » Are licensed professionals
      with strong customer and
      community ties
   » Give you excellent service and
      competitive prices because
      your agent can access multiple
      insurance companies
   » Are not bound to any one
      company, so you don't need to
      change agencies when your
      insurance needs change
   »Assist you with claims
   » Work as your consultant to
      determine your needs
   » Are value hunters who look
      after your pocketbook by
      finding the best combination
      of price, coverage, and service
   » Offer a spectrum of insurance
      services under one roof
   » Treat you like a person, not
      just another number

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