Employee Benefits

Save Money and Attract Employees with the Right Benefit Package

Are you confident your benefit package is the best option available for your employees and your bottom line? Take care of your employees and your company with a customized, innovative, and cost-efficient employee benefits solution. Our employee benefit consulting practice is uniquely positioned to provide customized employee benefit plans that drive engagement, help participants manage chronic conditions, and improve health and wellness.

» Group and Individual Health Insurance
» Short-Term Medical or COBRA Alternatives
» Consumer-Driven Health Plans
» Dental and Vision Health Insurance
» Disability Insurance

» Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
» Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
» Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)
» Long-Term Care Insurance
» Life and Supplemental Life Insurance

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Employee Benefit Consulting Services

Save time and money with our consulting services. With all the insurance options out there, it's almost impossible to stay current on new benefit strategies and still be ahead in what you do. Our professionals are experienced at setting-up benefit plans for a whole spectrum of different industries. They can easily identify what works and what doesn't for different size businesses and offer creative strategies others often overlook. As a result, you'll be able to control your costs and have satisfied employees.

Our employment benefit consulting services often include:

» A review of existing plans, future needs, and trends.
» An analysis of current employee benefit costs.
» An evaluation of various insurance plan options, evaluation of carriers, and negotiation of pricing.
» The development of a benefit package customized for your business and a long-term strategic plan.
» The management of employee enrollment process and creation benefit communications.
» The management of carrier relationships.

HR & Risk Management

Consulting Services

We offer a wide variety of human resource consulting services including:
   » On-site Surveys & Loss
      Control Services
   » Workers Compensation Case
      Management & Injury Review
   » Return to Work & Safety
      Program Development
   » Drug Testing Programs
   » Employee Handbooks
   » HR Policies & Procedures
   » OSHA & Other Federal/State
      Compliance Reviews
   » Ergonomic Assessments

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